I have been on the hunt for the perfect romper for a very long time. I originally set out for a black one (I have a fedora with black trim that would go perfect!) but I haven’t had much luck. But as I was browsing TJMaxx, I found this scalloped (!!!!!) navy one that I fell in love with! It’s one of my favorite colors and its scalloped..I mean c’mon, what’s not to love?! It’s perfect in that it can be dressed up or dressed down.

To dress it up, I added a J.Crew statement necklace and white wedges, which I got for $6 at the Christmas Tree Shop! Can’t beat that price.

To dress it down, I paired it with a denim jacket, long chain necklace, and leather sandals. It’s very versatile!

d r e s s y |

statement necklace // J.Crew

white wedges // Christmas Tree Shop

c a s u a l |

chain necklace // American Eagle

denim jacket // Raspberry Beret (Thrift Shop in Somerville, MA)

sandals // Marshall’s

This romper gives me a great excuse to get dressed up and go into Boston with friends, am I right? ;)

PS As mentioned before, I still REALLY want a black romper. I just don’t want the shorts part to be super duper short, so if any of you lovely bloggers/readers find one, let me know!

x C l a r i s s a

{OOTD} romper love I have been on the hunt for the perfect romper for a very long time. I originally set out for a black one (I have a fedora with black trim that would go perfect!) but I haven’t had much luck.

I am LOVING my new jeggings from AE. They are the high waisted dark wash jegging. I originally went in to try their new sky high jegging but I thought the threading and zipper were awkwardly too long, so I opted for the regular high rise jegging. There’s not much of a difference, other than where it hits at the waist (and the length of the zipper). The sky high reached just below my belly button, and the ones I bought hit a little lower. They are also the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. So everyone needs to go out and buy a pair NOW. (I might be a little biased, because I really only buy my jeans from American Eagle, but regardless…GO BUY SOME!) I also love my cropped gold and pink strip tee from Aerie. I got it for only $10 too! And brown leather sandals are a must in any wardrobe because they legit go with everything. I love these ones because they have gold buckles and I’m a big fan of gold :)

jeggings // American Eagle

top // Aerie

sandals // Marshalls

watch // American Eagle

bracelets // Alex + Ani

Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how cool this background is?! The photographer in me was freaking out inside when my friend and I found it the other day. It’s a brick wall with chalk on the side of an elementary school. Definitely coming back to it in the future!


Photo creds to my friend Natalie who also has an awesome food/fitness blog! She’s got great tips and ideas and a good sense of humor, all on top of being a great photographer. Check out and follow her blog at Be Happy Be Healthy Be Free :)

{OOTD} cropped & high rise I am LOVING my new jeggings from AE. They are the high waisted dark wash jegging…

Room Makeover Sneak Peek #3

DIY roman shades - tutorial will be up soon! T W O D A Y S

Room Makeover Sneak Peek #3

DIY roman shades - tutorial will be up soon! T W O D A Y S

Room makeover sneak peek #2

Here’s sneak peek number two ☺️


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Room Makeover Sneak Peek #1

As we finish up the room, I want to give everyone bits and pieces of the complete project. Roselande comes home a week from today, so in celebration of that, I will post the final product the day after she arrives { so she’ll see it first ;) } I am so excited with how it is turning out. I just settled on furniture arrangement today, and started my decoration process as well. So here is the first…

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a brief update & what’s to come …

a brief update & what’s to come . . .

Hello friends!

Ah it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. One would think I would have more time, not being in school, but it’s just the opposite! But I finally have some down time from catching up with friends, work, and such. And there’s a lot I want to share with you so stay tuned.

A little while back, I posted about how my family is adopting from Haiti, and that we would be doing a room…

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{OOTD} Another Spring Look

{OOTD} Another Spring Look



Jacket // Old Navy $27

Top // Marshall’s $7

Shoes // Forever 21 $13

Wallet // Tjmaxx $15

Monogram Necklace // Paper Store $6

Another Spring Look

I’ve been eyeing this jacket for awhile and finally picked it up at Old Navy. I love army green and love how versatile the jacket is! It’s perfect for spring and will be great in the fall, too.  Hope you all have a good day! x Clarissa

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Liebster Award!

So Amanda over at Brunette With a Bow(go check her out!) nominated me for a Liebster Award! For those who do not know what this is (I had no idea either) it’s basically a way to find new blogs and help promote bloggers who have a small following. From what I gather (and this varies from blog to blog but I’m following Amanda’s example), you post 7 facts about you, answer the 7 questions the…

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I’m still alive, I promise.

I’m still alive, I promise.

I am SO SORRY. I have been MIA for practically a month. Preparing for finals on top of work and multiple other things are just killing me (but that’s life, so I don’t really have an excuse do I?) But I promise I’ll be back with more posts coming your way in the next week. I have so much to catch up on! One of those things being nominated for a liebster award (to be honest I had no idea what this…

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IMG_0045 IMG_0052

c l a s s i c | l o o k

Spring is here (finally!) & I couldn’t be happier.

I absolutely love spring not only for the weather but for the fashion. I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately (surprise?) and have been pinning a lot of inspiration for spring outfits. When deciding on what to wear today, this pin inspired me. I loved the denim with the ankle boots and white top, and I added a grey…

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Sometimes, as f…

Sometimes, as f…

Sometimes, as fun as they are, trends don’t matter. Sometimes you just gotta love what you love and ignore everything else. Sometimes you have to make your own fun trends (even if you’re the only one wearing them).

~ from the girls over at A Beautiful Mess {Link to specific blog post here}

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trend alert // high waisted bathing suits

trend alert // high waisted bathing suits


modest| stylish | & oh so cute

I am obsessing over high waisted bathing suits right now. They are so retro and unique (and not to mention modest). I myself am not a fan of skimpy bikinis but don’t really favor one pieces either (although some are really adorable like this one). I think high waisted bikinis are a perfect medium. Especially for me, as I am a bit smaller on the top and bigger on the…

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{OOTD} spring look

sweater // Old Navy $20
top // consignment $7
jeans // American Eagle $22
boots // Payless $14
necklace & watch // American Eagle

Today it’s finally feeling like Spring! So in honor, here’s an outfit of the day with this new cardigan I just bought (the color is so springy!).
I also had to incorporate my Starbucks cause why not?!
Unfortunately I have to work on this beautiful day, but I hope you…

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top // Target $20

jeans // American Eagle $30

I went on a little photo excursion the other day with my friend Amanda, and thought I’d share my outfit. I am basically obsessed with this top from Target. I love the color, cut, style, etc. SO CUTE!

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"where your treasure is your heart will be also" // reflection

“where your treasure is your heart will be also” // reflection

“Jesus said “where your treasure is your heart will be also.”  Don’t let your treasures determine where your heart is, let your heart determine where your treasures are.  Some of you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, I appreciate and respect that.  My desire here is not to attack your dreams but to challenge the ‘undecided’ 18-year old to think about the decisions that they are…

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